I am a professional software developer with 15 years of programming experience in C++ (8 years commercial), on a wide range of platforms.  I have a BA and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, UK.  My PhD thesis, "Software Visualization in Prolog", defines a relationship between graphical syntax and semantics, and uses this to create a powerful and flexible visualization system.

My research interests center around the human side of programming, with academic research in visual programming and software visualization, and recreational research into new languages (Visula and C++Script), C++ libraries and paradigms (e.g. transactional programming).  I contribute to professional journals and academic conferences.

My current position is in the advanced development team at Sophos, where we understand and help plan future products and technology relating to desktop security.

I also enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing and hiking.

(me in 2002)

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